Preparing for a Newborn: Things to Get and Things to Do

When you are expecting a baby, there are a lot of things you need to do to get prepared and a lot of things you need to buy. From minor things like a Newborn Headband to basics and necessities like diapers- newborns are expensive. Below we discuss a list of things you can do to prepare for a newborn so you are more prepared when they arrive. This list includes things you need to do for the baby and also for yourself.

Buy a Nursing Bra

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It is a good idea to buy one or two nursing bras before your baby is born. After the newborn arrives, you will have to nurse them immediately. You normal bras won’t do justice to this new activity. Your boobs would already be big and ready for nursing so you’ve already purchased a few maternity bras, throw in one or two nursing bras into the mix. It’ll be really convenient to have them in the hospital and start using them from the first day.

While you’re at it, get a couple of nursing pads, nursing covers and other nursing accessories you might need such as nursing clothes for yourself. Also nursing accessories include feeding bottles, breast pups, heating kits, feeding kits etc. These nursing accessories enable you to pump and store your breast milk so your partner or someone else can feed the baby when you need to sleep. This is important because newborns need to be fed at least every two hours and this can  be quite demanding on a new moon especially in the middle of the night. New moms need their sleep so having help goes a long way.

Check to see if your insurance covers nursing accessories like a breast pump. Some do and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that just because you didn’t ask.

Make and Store Food

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When it’s getting close to your delivery date, make and store meals in the fridge and freezer. Make as much as you can because when the baby arrives, the last thing you want to be worrying about is cooking a meal. If you have people to help you that is great but it’s still good to have some ready to eat food stored in the house for the first few days.

Making freezer meals is really nice for after baby is born because once your family goes back home and you are left alone, the last thing you want to do is make a hot meal for yourself or your partner. If you are not sure of what to make, read up on freezer meals to make that last, or meal ideas for when you want to stock up your fridge.

Go Grocery Shopping

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While you are at it with you meal prep and making the house ready to receive a newborn, make sure you go grocery shopping and stock the house with all the necessary supplies. It can be quite overwhelming buying all the baby products and good that you forget to buy things for the adults in the house as well.

Stock up on toiletries, clean sheets, drinks, snacks and other things needed to make the house function properly. Get a battery for your camera or the lights in the house, fill up your car tank with gas and make sure you cover every contingency. Also stock up on hand sanitizers and place them all over the house. You will need to constantly sanitize your hands, and hands of visitors who want to touch your baby.

If you have other kids like toddlers you will also need to sanitize their hands regularly. Remember a newborn has a weak immune system and so needs to be protected from all possible germs from both external visitors to the house and people leaving in the house with you and the baby

Do Test Runs

If the hospital you are going to be having your baby at is a new hospital, do a test run to the hospital to see how long and how hard or easy it is to get there from your house. Know where the entrance is and where to pack your car at the hospital. Know what floor the birthing section of the hospital is etc. Cover every contingency and do test runs if you can.

Make a Birth Plan

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Some hospitals make making a birth plana a lot easier by giving you a sheet to fill out, but some don’t, so it’s always nice to be prepared and at least feel like you are going to be in control. You can fill in things about how you want your labor to go, what you want to do during labor, who you want in the room with you when baby is born, and if you want the chance to breastfeed right after baby is born. It is a really handy tool to have, and it can help put your mind at ease about delivery, even if you don’t completely stick to it during labor. If your hospital doesn’t offer you one, you can ask or look up other options online.

Clean the House

Do a cleaning sweep of your house and possible deep cleaning of the house and carpets before the newborn arrives. This will ensure that the baby is coming into a clean and safe atmosphere.  You will also need to babyproof your house eventually so make plans for this your newborn is your first baby.