How to Organize a Clutch Bag or Handbag

1 Jun

How to Organize a Clutch Bag or Handbag


Most of us have different types of handbags that we use for different occasions. There are different types of handbags and one of the most common types is a clutch. The clutch is used by different people for different occasion and regardless of the Purpose of a Clutch Bag what we know is that they are a nice handbag that can go with almost any type of outfit.

Knowing how to maintain your clutch bag will make it last longer and also give you a better user experience. Below, we discuss the best habits you can pick up that will keep your clutch bag always clean and also keep you organized.

Clutch Bag Organizing Tips

Go through your paper scraps

When it comes to having a messy clutch bag, one of the main culprits is unorganized paper scraps which are mostly receipts. Especially if you use your clutch bag as a wallet, you will eventually start sticking your receipts from purchases in there and they tend to pile up after a while. They to go through all the receipts in your clutch every couple of days or every weekend to sort it out. You can throw away receipts for smaller inconsequential items like your coffee or your breakfast bagel and keep the others in a different place instead of carrying them around with you. Also if you don’t need a receipt just tell the cashier you don’t need a copy, that way you reduce waste and save the planet also.

If you are in a situation where you have to keep receipts for every purchase like if you are on a business trip, for example, get an envelope to put the receipts in. This way, they are not swimming around in your clutch and it also makes you more organized and reduces the possibility of you losing a receipt.

Manage your Loose Change

Just like your receipts, you have to go through the loose change in your clutch bag. This could be coins or smaller bills as they can spill everywhere and become crumpled up or even end up in inaccessible areas of your clutch. You clutch bag will probably have smaller compartments with and without a zip. You can use one of these for keeping your loose change. At the end of the day, take the coins out your clutch and place them in a jar or tray at home. A good method is to keep all your coins in a jar and at the end of the month take it and deposit all your change in the bank. If you live in a  city where you need change for taking the train then you can use it for that also. Remember that too many coins in your bag or wallet could make it significantly heavier. I know this from experience.

How to Organize a Handbag

The handbag is such a necessary fashion item that most brands look it to save them during times of low sales or recession. Every season brands release new lines of handbags in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Each time, the come up with a new and “innovative” improvement just like our dead ol’ iPhones – the reworked links on the handles, the innovative clasp, the soft-sided capacious lightness, the elegant simplicity of the handheld style. As common as handbags are, in the canon of fashion items, the handbag is a relative newcomer having arrived as the new kid in town in the early 20th century.

Now let’s talk about how to keep your handbag clean

Separate the contents of your bag by category

When you separate your belongings by category, it’ll help you keep you more organized.  Take non-essential things like makeup and hair ties, chargers, and whatever else you carry into separate small pouches or compartments. The essentials go in your wallet.

Put your coupons, receipts and gift cards in an envelope

Just like the clutch, putting your receipts and other pieces of paper in an envelop will help keep your handbag more organized. The best way to keep all the paper goods (i.e. coupons, rewards cards, receipts, gift cards, etc) in order is to have them organized in a specific place. Whether you choose to organize them in alphabetical order, by category (clothing, grocery, beauty) or by what they are (coupon, receipt, gift card), it’ll be easier to find what exactly you’re looking for when the time comes. This also works well for cards you don’t carry in your bag, but keep at home, too.

Keep Frequently Used Items in the Surface of the Bag

Sunglasses, your cell phone, and your keys are all items you’re obviously taking in and out of your purse frequently. Instead of stressing trying to find your cell phone while it’s ringing or digging for your sunglasses when the sun is blinding you, leave these pieces out. If everything else is separated, there will always be in plain sight. Also, you can put your headphones and chargers in a sunglasses case. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to untangle headphones and charging cords. Keeping them in a sunglasses case will make your life so much easier. Another tip is to put your business cards in a mint tin or get a cardholder. Instead of overstuffing your wallet, try keeping necessary business cards, rewards cards, or gift cards separately in a cardholder.

Use The Bags Compartmentalization

Instead of having to weed through your purse to find out where the heck you left your license and debit card, organize them in a wallet with a clear, simple and easy-to-view organizing system. This saves you time and energy because when you’re searching for a specific card, you can just look for the color or logo since the wallet will show you previews of all your cards as soon as you open it.

Clean your Bag at the end of each day

Just like your clutch, the hardest part of having an organized purse is keeping it that way. Commit to tossing any stray receipts, trash or wrappers that may have made its way into your bag throughout the day, and remove loose change. Do this every night, and your bag will always be organized.